Social networking sites such as Twitter have promoted a form of communication that is increasingly conversational and, in many cases, frivolous. Yet some users have made an attempt to turn these communication methods to more creative ends, such as novel writing. I would like to investigate the topic of narrative creation in the context of […]

“Conversation, therefore, is any interactive spoken exchange between two or more poeple.” (2) “Conversation is, therefore, not just about passing on information or getting things done. It is also about the way speakers relate to one another and choose to co-operate or not to co-operate with one another.” (4) “Many conversations do, in fact, simply […]

1: “It is not only cognitive processes that are implicated in creative work. Creating collaboratively can be a highly emotionally charged and deeply personally meaningful process – involving the construction of subjectives and relationships as well as ideas and artefacts.” (1) Miell, D., & Littleton, K. (Eds.). (2004). Collaborative creativity : contemporary perspectives. London: Free Association […]

Okay, in delving deeper into the code that needs to happen in order for my site to do what I want it to do, I’ve realized that jQuery is not an option. Why have I been avoiding it?! W3Schools has been hugely helpful so far (per usual). I found this answer to fix the jumping […]

I found this post about how to tell which element has been clicked. Now to successfully incorporate it into my code… This keeps the page from jumping to the top after an onclick event.

Postman has some interesting things to say about conversation and culture: “It is an argument that fixes its attention on the forms of human conversation, and postulates that how we are obliged to conduct such conversations will have the strongest possible influence on what ideas we can conveniently express. And what ideas are convenient to […]

The useful information I have gathered from this book: “The computer looks more each day like…a revolutionary invention humankind is just on the verge of putting to use as a spellbinding storyteller” (2) “The combination of text, video, and navigable space suggested that a computer-based microworld need not be mathematical but could be shaped as  […]